Suzuki Swift Body Kits

What you must know about Suzuki Swift Body Kits:

There are many options when it comes to body kits for your Suzuki Swift. There are different material used, designs, quality and prices. We have been sourcing and testing many kits for years now and unfortunately only come up  with a few that meet our and Suzuki’s high standards.

A quick Google search and you will find many kits that look amazing in the photos, the bad thing is based on our experience,  many of these kits are FRP (fibreglass) and are generally very wobbly and fit very poorly. When purchasing a kit it is easy to look at the nice picture add up the cost plus freight, estimate paint cost and imagine your pimped out Suzuki Swift driving down the road grabbing all the attention.

What is not seen however, are the endless hours of work in sanding, trimming, filing and test fitting over and over before the kit is ready to paint at an average cost of $70 per hour to get the kit from how it is delivered, to a standard that you will be happy with.

We have seen it many times. Members think they are getting a bargain, only to deliver their new kit to the panel shop whose job it is to make it fit and be confronted with a bill twice that of the initial quote due to all the quality and fit issues.

The reason that most of the kits available are dodgy is that here in Australia we expect the best, which is a good thing. Overseas (Many Asian countries where most kits are made) there expectations of the quality and fit of what a kit should be is far lower. The manufacturers make moulds very cheaply and have unskilled people making the kits, producing them in the 1000′s for a market with very low standards. 

The only way to secure quality is to deal with the big companies that invest upwards of $250,000 on aluminium moulds and use an injected plastic processes. This ensures every part is exactly the same, unlike the other way where there are many people doing the same thing and the quality comes down to there questionable skill and how they feel on the day.

We here at Swift Nation are extremely proud to deliver only the best quality and fitting kits on the planet. We source or invest in the manufacturing and design of all our Suzuki Swift body kits and all are made from either ABS or PP plastic. All our kits come with a lifetime warranty on their quality for any imperfections but also we offer a lifetime warranty on the finish and fit of all kits fitted by our team of professionals.

We hope this has been helpful from everyone here at Swift Nation.